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Hey Ladies,

I’m Lauren. By day, I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. By night, I attempt to transform into supermom and wife extraordinaire.

In my career, I have always been responsible for building a client base. Desperate not to fail, I cold called (which was terrifying), held seminars, read anything I could, and attended hundreds of networking events.

While I secretly hated networking events (and often hid in the bathroom), I forced myself to go. I shook hands, gathered business cards and listened to countless speakers.

Along the way, however, something changed. Although I was still an introvert who dreaded business development activities, I became so inspired by the amazing women I met.  I was enthralled with their stories of courage, hardship, sacrifice and ultimately success. These women were daring to dream and making big things happen.

It is my mission and passion to empower women through my own experiences and through the untold stories, advice and secrets of successful women. That’s right, I am picking up the phone and requesting interviews with fierce and fabulous ladies to bring you real, unedited and valuable advice that you can put to use today whether you are just beginning or well advanced in your career.

I have been wanting to bring this Blog to you for a long time because:

  • Mentorship is important. Here you will have hundreds of mentors who are sharing their stories, mistakes and authentic advice for you. Your mentors, will not only tell you – but show you what they did to become successful.
  • Networking events / business development activities are time consuming and expensive. This blog will provide you with great content and community without the hefty cost.
  • The women featured are just like you.  Learn from them. And then, go out and make big things happen for you.

I hope that this blog makes your road a little easier and that it provides you with courage and inspiration as you continue upon your own personal journey. Ladies, we’ve got this. It is our turn.

Lauren Rebbel began The Female Force with the passion to help empower and inspire other women. The goal for this blog is to bring the stories of amazing women to you. These stories will be filled with real advice, useful suggestions and a few best kept secrets to success to help make your journey a bit easier. Lauren lives in Maryland with her husband and two children.