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Welcome! This site will give you top secrets and advice of successful women. You will gain REAL ideas and strategies from fierce and fabulous women to tackle career and life goals. You will be inspired and learn from those who are paving the way for other women. Nothing is sugar coated and no conversation is off limits.  From career, to money, to kids (and everything in between), you will get something out of every post that you can implement in your life today to help make you more successful. Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to getting to know you better!

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Hot of the Press, An Interview with Wendy Elover

I am extremely excited to feature Wendy Elover, Loan Officer with Academy Mortgage and Author of “My Cape is At The Cleaners Choosing Happy Over Perfect.”

In this book (which is really a message for her daughters), Wendy opens up about her journey and struggles.  Her vulnerability is real as she figures out how to be happy instead of perfect.

Read her 7 key take- aways and learn how Wendy wrote this book while driving in her car!